Ligonier Valley Rail Road Employee Roster

We are in the process of compiling a list of a Ligonier Valley Rail Road employees. The list below was provided by a "Friend" of the LVRA. It is a list of the Service Records for LVRR employees as of February 7, 1919 plus some additions we made on October 31, 2013. If you have any information on former employees please let us know.

Last Name First Name MI Position Date of Hire
Ambrose Earl Brakeman 11/19/1918
Ankney John M Freight Fireman 1/1/1912
Anthony George T Brakeman 8/1/1916
Beatty Clarence Engineer 1/1/1930
Beatty Smith E Freight Engineer 1/1/1912
Becar Frank Labor 10/28/1913
Betz F R Brakeman 11/20/1917
Bitner Guss Baggage Master 1/1/1900
Black Robert Clerk 12/13/1917
Blackburn John Brakeman 9/1/1917
Blair Edward Fireman 4/11/1917
Block Bert Brakeman 1/1/1912
Bracken C E Master Mechanic 10/18/1915
Brant C C Janitor 5/20/1918
Burns Arthur L Fireman 12/8/1914
Burns George Brakeman 7/18/1912
Byers Harry H Assistant Master Mechanic 6/23/1913
Byers Walter Engineer 2/10/1907
Byers Frank Fireman 1/1/1912
Carpenter W A Car Dispatcher 1/7/1918
Ciccoci Rosario Track Foreman 6/5/1917
Clark W. G Machinist 1/1/1943
Clopp John W Freight Agent 1/1/1917
Crouch John Master Mechanic 1/1/1943
Demmitt C. F Engineer 1/1/1916
Demmitt C F Engineer 4/7/1911
Dickey H E Clerk 4/8/1918
Dumnlap Tom J Engineer 1/1/1900
Dunlap Thomas J Engineer 12/8/1879
Eakin B M Ticket Agent 1/27/1912
Ferry Harry E Fireman 12/21/1916
Fillinger T R Machinist 8/26/1918
Fowler John F Warehouseman 9/19/1903
Fowler Helen Clerk 2/7/1918
French Samuel Engineer 1/1/1877
Fry Casper M Conductor 6/29/1898
Gaskin Boyd 1/1/1913
Geeting Milton E Brakeman 1/18/1916
Gochnour Joseph P Acct./General Manager 1/1/1925
Hauger John Painter 6/23/1913
Hockenbery A. Freight Dept. 1/1/1918
Holman John Brakeman 1/1/1913
Holman John Brakeman 9/4/1907
Hood Harry Brakeman 12/29/1913
Horner Frank Machinist 7/2/1917
Howard Samuel Passenger Brakeman 1/1/1884
Hughes William Weighmaster 6/15/1892
Humes T D Clerk 8/1/1916
Huston J L Warehouseman 11/11/1918
Hyland William V Superintendent 1/1/1913
Irwin Charles Brakeman 1/1/1925
Iscrupe Harry Fireman 1/1/1928
Iscrupe Fred Fireman 4/1/1912
Johnson W M Labor 9/9/1912
Johnson Samuel Watchman 4/1/1906
Johnson R R Brakeman 11/18/1918
Johnston Herbert A Agent 1/1/1900
Jones John Brakeman 1/1/1912
Jones Bert Fireman 11/20/1917
Knox Ralph Baggage Master 1/1/1907
Knox Harry H Freight Conductor 1/1/1912
Koontz John Freight Crew 1/1/1912
Koontz Frances Freight Crew 1/1/1907
Kuhn Charles H Passenger Conductor 1/1/1905
Kuhns John S Labor 4/7/1896
Kuhns Francis Conductor 4/24/1907
Laughery Carpenter 1/1/1899
Mackey William Warehouseman 8/26/1918
Maurey E. B Train Dispatcher 1/1/1917
McClintock W J Fireman 8/8/1916
McClintock Frank Fireman 3/18/1912
McConnaughey Robert Engineer 4/11/1881
McDowell Clarence Conductor 7/6/1905
McDowell Janet Clerk 6/5/1917
McDowell E K Brakeman 11/6/1918
McGraw John E Track Foreman 4/1/1907
McKalip Oliver C Booking Agent 1/1/1913
Mcwherter I. R 1/1/1915
Menoher Gretta Clerk 5/28/1913
Meredith Dazyell Brakeman 7/24/1918
Minich Russell Asst. Manager 1/1/1900
Mowry E B Dispatcher 5/7/1917
Naugle Charles Conductor 4/1/1880
Naugle Charles E Conductor 1/1/1900
Negley R. B 1/1/1900
Noel Frank Ticket Agent 1/1/1900
Peoples T. 1/1/1912
Piper R D Conductor 1/3/1907
Plummer David Fireman 7/18/1918
Ramsey E C Clerk 8/1/1916
Rathmell Edward Baggage Master 12/1/1907
Ray Nettie Stenographer 1/1/1914
Readshaw C F Freight Agent 12/5/1918
Reed John Brakeman 1/4/1919
Reese Harry E Brakeman 1/1/1900
Rhay John W Track Foreman 1/1/1898
Riggs R D Brakeman 1/13/1919
Roberts Sidney Brakeman 7/17/1918
Senft George Superintendent 1/1/1888
Shirley Walter Brakeman 1/6/1919
Smith W. Scott Baggage Master 1/1/1907
Strets Horace Engineer 1/1/1923
Watson Amy Stenographer 1/1/1916
Watson Amy Clerk 1/12/1916
Welch Fireman 1/1/1913
Weyer Harry L 1/1/1915
Williams Walter Booking Agent 1/1/1914
Wilt Frank Carpenter 1/1/1899
Wyer W. V Train Dispatcher 1/1/1900

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